Protect our children and teachers by getting your school tested for Radon. The EPA recommends testing in all schools for radon. Schools are exposed to the same risks for radon as homes and workplaces are. Children are not too young to get lung cancer from Radon, their lungs function a bit differently than those of fully grown adults. Because of this they are considered more susceptible to the negative effects of radon than adults are.

Though children might be more susceptible and exposed to the level of radon in their home 70% more than their adult counterparts, the number that develop lung cancer in childhoods is quite low. Most of the people that develop lung cancer due to radon exposure are typically over the age of 35. With this in mind though, exposure to high levels of radon beginning at a young age can lead to a higher risk of developing lung cancer later in life.

Many of the teachers in schools are at a prime age for developing lung cancer from radon exposure. Let’s work together to stop deaths from radon. From testing in schools, education for parents and students about the dangers of radon in the home and home testing, we prevent up to 22,000 deaths a year.